Solution for supporting Telco OSS/BSS processes

Solution for supporting Telco OSS/BSS processes

tSM modules

tSM (Telco Service Management) is a modular system designed for the support of Telco OSS/BSS processes

tSM modules
Preview - Customer relationship management

Customer relationship management

The CRM module is designated for simple registration of customers with main focus in B2B business (e.g., infrastructure providers) and small B2C providers (e.g., ISP).

  • Customers
  • Accounts
  • Leads
  • Persons
Preview - Service management

Service Management

The tSM Service Catalog contains the definition of services in terms of OSS systems.

  • Service Catalog
  • Service Provisioning
  • Service Inventory
Preview - Ordering


The Ordering module provides easy access, management and administration of everything related to:

  • Product Catalog
  • Order
  • Product Inventory
  • Customer portal
Preview - Work Force

Work Force

The Work force module provides all the tools for dynamically and lean work force management.

  • Resource Pools
  • Cost optimalization
  • Advanced scheduling
  • Mobile & Offline access
Preview - Ticketing


Ticket (fault ticket) is a problem identified either by the customer or the system, that needs to be resolved as soon as possible. The ticketing module provides the tools to create, resolve and manage such tickets.

  • Service Assurance
  • Change management
  • ITIL processes (Service Desk, Incident, Problem, ...)

tSM Core components

Shared main core services across modules tSM Modules.

tSM Core components

Process Engine

Design and execution of processes and activities. It contains graphical process/activity designer, execution and modification of process instances, mapping of activities to either automatic actions (interface) or manual tasks.

User manager

tSM contains fully-fledged user & security management with custom properties, roles, user groups and privileges. Typically, this is connected to the customer's AD/LDAP/IDM & SSO.

DMS Connect

tSM contains DMS only in the form of simple attachment management. Usually this is proxied to a legacy customer management system with advanced full text document search capability etc.

Elastic Search

Fast and customizable filtering. Each microservice contains only its own data, but Elastic Search may contain complex data structures aggregated from many microservices (CQRS architectural pattern).

Form Designer

Toolbox for extending the main tSM entities (e.g. product, ticket, service) and/or for creating custom entities. The configuration is persisted as a JSON Schema standard and as such it may be published as a part of public API. A visual form designer for user screens operates on top of the data model.


TM Forum developed a suite of 50+ REST-based Open APIs for service provider internal and external use. tSM modules conform to this standard where applicable or extends the API according to Open API guidelines.

Logging ELK

Advanced technical & business monitoring based on Spring Cloud infrastructure and ELK (Elastic Search, Logstash, Kibana) stack. Besides standard monitoring it offer a deep insight into business metrics.

Who's using tSM?


Main parts of the application

tSM dashboard


The dashboard is the home screen that displays when user log in to the application. It is also available as a main menu item of the same name or when click the “tSM” banner in the application header. It comes in the form of the notice board where user can pin the so-called “widgets” (various graphs, tables, previews of the commonly used forms, etc.

Form designer

Form Designer

The Form designer is part of dynamically generated forms module. Using the dynamically generated forms allows to use custom fields of various type, registers, components or even the child form to any form across the application. This tool offers a wide selection of options to modify the appearance and behaviour of the custom created fields or forms.

Process designer

Process Designer

The Process designer is a tool for creating and executing processes and activities. It has a graphic process/activities editor (Camunda modeler) for executing and modify process instances, automatic action or manual tasks. Created processes are then used in "Ticketing", "Ordering" and "WFM"

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